• Special Education Overview at Oberlin Magnet Middle

    Oberlin Middle School provides a variety of class sizes, modified instructional courses, opportunities, and strategies. These small group courses primarily focus in the areas of daily living skills, math, reading, and writing. The overall goals of the courses are for students to increase and strengthen their skills and apply them to the general curriculum. While participating in these courses, students experience acceptance, achievement, and growth. These extensive opportunities make them feel proud and successful.

  • Pioneers

    The Pioneers Team consist of two self-contained classrooms that serve students who have cognitive delays and follow the North Carolina Extended Common Core Standards. This program provides specific instruction in the areas of functional academics, verbal and nonverbal communication/language, social/behavior, daily living, and vocational training. Through our Peer Mentor Program and the Unified Champions Program, we strive to ensure special education and general education students are equitably engaged through sporting events, such as Special Olympics and Kickball tournaments, after school club activities, such as “Friends of Special Friends” Club, as well as school athletic games and school dances. Oberlin Middle School recognizes that ALL students are “Uniquely Capable” and possess positive skills and talents that contribute to our school and neighborhood community.

  • Kelli Terrell

  • Lawrence Lehning

  • Mary Kruse

  • Courtney Rivers

  • Laura Best

  • Anthony Spicer

  • Blake Mouzon

  • Jacqueline Richter

  • Elizabeth Molesworth