2nd Grade Supply List
    Individual Supply List:
    (2) 1-inch View Binder (w/insertable clear front)
    (4) Non-spiral composition notebooks (w/hard cover)
    (4) Folders (1 of each: green, red, yellow, blue)
    Items to Share with the Class:
    (1) wide-ruled notebook paper (loose leaf)
    (2) packages of BLACK Expo markers (FAT sized)
    (1) package of BLACK Expo markers (SKINNY sized)
    (2) boxes of #2 pencils
    (2) Kleenex tissue
    (2) Clorox wipes
    (1) Earbuds/earphones
    (1) gallon-sized ziplock bags
    (1) package of glue sticks
    (1) package of pink erasers
    Wish List (optional items)
     (1) pack WHITE cardstock paper
     extra Expos (black or color)
    snack- and/or sandwich-sized Ziplock bags
    * No rolling backpacks, please!
    school supplies