School Improvement Planning

  • The Lake Myra School Improvement Planning Committee is a functioning team of administrators, teachers and parents that represent the Lake Myra school community. The committee works in partnership with the Leadership team and the instructional staff to analyze and determine school data, in the areas of Student Achievement, Instructional Practices, Staff & Student Demographics, Perception and Programs, that are most essential for school improvement. The School Improvement Plan is a living document that holds the school community accountable to its goals for positive school change and improvement.

School Improvement Committee

  • The following School Improvement Team members were elected by Lake Myra School Staff on 9/29/22 for the 22-23 School Year. 

    • Deb Rosenella, School Improvement Committee Co-Chair.  
    • Courtney Garris, School Improvement Committee Co-Chair.  
    • Rachel Freeman, Kindergarten 
    • Susan Stafford, 1st Grade
    • Amelia Harrelson, 2nd Grade
    • Lekisha Brown, 3rd Grade
    • Aimee` Pattison, 4th Grade
    • Melissa Massey, 5th Grade
    • Corinne Taylor Specialists
    • Rebecca Sprenkel, Spec. Ed 
    • Michele Bethel, Assistant Principal
    • Nancy Ballard, Principal
    • Karen Recinos, Parent
    • Sherry Strutz, Literacy Coach 
    • Tawanna Fonville, Intervention
    • Dr. Raven Evans, Student Support Services
    • Q'Neishia Williams, Student Support Services
    • Diane Garland, Assistant to the Area Superintendent

SIP Meeting Dates

  • All SIP meetings are held from 4:15 to-5:15 pm on the second Monday of each month.

    SIP Quarterly Review dates for 22-23:  10/24/22, 12/19/22, 4/24/23, 6/30/23

    SIP Work Team Committees meet on the last Tuesday of each month from 7:45 am-8:45 am.