• 1st Grade Supply List 2019-2020

    2 marbled composition books; wide ruled (not spiral)

    1 yellow durable plastic poly pocket folder with fasteners (prongs) (not paper folders)

    1 red durable plastic poly pocket folder with fasteners (prongs) (not paper folders)

    1 durable plastic poly homework pocket folders with fasteners (prongs) (free choice) (not paper folders)

    8 small glue sticks (Elmers recommended)

    3 boxes of Crayola crayons (24 ct.)

    4 flat pink erasers

    12 Ticonderoga pencils (plain, no colors or designs) (pre-sharpened recommended)

    2 boxes of tissues (Kleenex, for example)

    6 black wide dry erase markers (no colors) (Expo recommended)

    2 canisters of disinfecting wipes

    1 box of snack-sized baggies (slider)

    1 box of gallon-sized baggies (slider)

    2 packages of baby wipes

    1 package of colorful cardstock

    Thermal laminating pouches or Self adhesive laminating sheets

    1 set of headphones (not earbuds) (these can be labeled because they will not be community supplies) (mandatory)


     We always need more of these items:

    disinfecting wipes


    baby wipes

    dry erase markers


    Plastic prong folders



    loose leaf notebook paper

    peanut free snack 


    *Please send extra clothes in case of emergencies to keep in your child’s cubby. (Sealed in a Ziploc bag with your child’s name on it.)
    **Due to food allergies, students are responsible for bringing their own snack as they are not provided by the teacher.
    ***Extra supplies are always appreciated for those who are unable to provide their own.

    ****These are community supplies, so you do not need to label your child’s supplies.