Driver's Education

  • There is currently a 5-month wait between classroom and behind the wheel instruction.

    Watch this short video for an overview of the Driver Education Process: Video

    Driver's Ed Contacts for Willow Spring High School

    Teacher Contact - Alfreda Rhodes


    Driver's Eligibility Certificates - Sandra Cabral-Costa

    Email:; Office hours are 8am-2pm. Please bring the driver's certificate and utility bill from the last 30 days to the front office. 

    Administration - Noland Hicks



    Summer 2024 Class Schedule

    Session 1: June 17-24 (no class on June 19)

    Session 2: July 8-12

    Session 3: July 15-19

    Session 4: July 29 - Aug 2

    Classes will be held at WSHS in room 1413 from 9am-3pm.  Students, please bring your laptops fully charged and a charger just in case it's needed.  A black pen is needed the first day for filling out forms. 


    Wake County Driver Education - The goal of Wake County Public School System and its Driver Education contractor, Jordan Driving School (JDS), is to provide a quality driver education program to all students in a safe and timely manner.

    Driver Education – The Basics - Based on North Carolina Law, any person under the age of 18 years of age must complete 30 hours of Driver Education class instruction and 6 hours of Behind the Wheel (BTW) training to obtain a permit or license. Driver Education classes will be scheduled throughout the year. After-school classes are 10 days, from 2:30 to 5:30. Summer classes are usually 5 days, from 8am to 2pm. Students must attend all class sessions.

    Additional Classes - For parents who are interested, JDS is planning to offer Saturday/Winter/Spring Break classes. Visit for details.

    Private Driving School Instruction - Students & parents can still seek private driving school instruction for either/both portions (classroom and BTW) of driver education, please click on for the transfer process.

    Class Schedules and Registration Forms - All class schedules and registration forms can be found at Registration will be done ONLINE only. Emailed forms will not be accepted.  All registrations are done ONLINE only.  Each class will automatically close once 35 students have registered and paid the $65 fee.  Classes will be held in Room 1404 from 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm.  Make sure you can attend all class sessions before registering. 


    Behind the Wheel

    The current wait time for behind the wheel at WSHS is 4-6 months once a student completes the classroom portion of the course.  Students are driven by class with the oldest students in the class receiving priority. We are currently driving the November class. 

    Students and their parents/guardians may use a Private Driving school for Behind the Wheel. If this is your desire, please visit to start the process.

    Dismissal from Class - Students that are dismissed from driver education class due to behavior or attendance problems will not be allowed to take driver education a second time through the Wake County Public School System.

    What’s Next? Once students have successfully completed the classroom portion of driver education, Ms. Rhodes will place students on a waiting list for driving. Students will be driven by class in age order. The driving instructor will contact the student’s parent to schedule driving times.

    Behind-the-Wheel - BTW (driving) lessons will take place approximately 3-4 months after the classroom session concludes. BTW will be during the day during the summer months and no school days and limited to after school, Saturdays, Sundays during the school year. Once BTW concludes, the student will be issued a Driver’s Education Certificate. Please review it carefully for correct spelling and all other information BEFORE you leave.

    Driver’s Eligibility Certificate - Driver’s Eligibility Certificates (DEC) are issued by Mrs. Costa in the front office. Summer office hours 8am-2pm. It expires within 30 days of receipt. Make sure you are scheduled to go to DMV within that timeframe. To receive your DEC, you must have the following: 

    1.  Driver's Education Certificate 2. Proof of Residency - Current (within the last 30 days) water, gas, electric bill showing mailing address and service address. 3. Students must pass 70% of the courses enrolled.



    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    Does WSHS offer Driver’s Ed? - Driver’s Education is contracted by Jordan Driving School (JDS) to teach driver education after school and during the day during the summer months.

    How often are classes offered? - Classes are usually offered once a month with the exception of September and January. They are most often scheduled at the beginning of each month. Check for updates on specific classroom dates and a list of additional classes that might be available at

    Where and what time are the classes? - Classes are taught in the media center. Classes are taught from 2:30-5:30 pm during the school year for 10 days. In the summer, classes are taught from 8am-2pm for 5 days.

    How does my child sign up for Driver’s Ed? - All registration happens through the Jordan Driving website at For complete information about the program go to or, which will take you directly to the registration and payment page.

    Is there a contact person for WSHS at Jordan Driving School? - Yes, the driver education coordinator is Ms. Rhodes. She can be reached at

    Can I take Driver’s Ed from a company other than Jordan Driving School? - Yes, you are welcome to use an accredited private driving school for the classroom and/or behind the wheel portion(s).

    My child has completed the classroom part of driver’s ed, now what? - Students will be placed on a waiting list for driving. The driving instructor will contact the parent/guardian when ready to schedule driving time. It takes anywhere from 3 to 4 months to drive.

    What do I need to take to DMV when applying for my NC Learner’s Permit?

    · Driver’s Education Certificate

    · Driver’s Eligibility Certificate

    · Two forms of identity: the most common ones are Social Security Card and the Original Birth Certificate. (See NC Driver Handbook for other options)

    Where can I go to study for the DMV Permit Test? - Go to your Apple Store or Play Store and download a NC DMV Permit Test app. You may also use your chromebook/laptop/ desktop to search for a practice test. There’s also a Spanish version. Practice during your leisure time before going to apply for your permit.