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    Our Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Lufkin Road Middle School Art Club that by creating art together we will support our school and community.  One of our main goals is to learn about art and how it influences, and is influenced by, the world around us.  We shall strive to partner with local businesses that offer us an opportunity to provide real-life design solutions and exhibit our artwork. As a result, we intend for our community to benefit from what we have created and hope that our club’s actions will have long-lasting effects.  We wish to improve our school, as well as to maintain its positive atmosphere. To enroll in our virtual LRMS Art Club, simply join the Art Club Google Classroom. Art Club Google Classroom join code: un6tdur for more information. 


    Our objective as members is to gain knowledge about art so we can improve our skills, and so we can develop an even greater interest and appreciation for the subject.  Most importantly, we would like to spread these ideas to promote the enjoyment of art to other club members and to society.  The Lufkin Road Middle School Art Club aims to use our artistic abilities to make a difference.

    --- Respectfully submitted by Jessica Reid and Madeline Desautels 2014-15