• NRE Walker Procedures

    Only students who live in the walk zone can walk to and from school.  Students must be walking to and from a home, not a car.  Any students walking to a car will have their walker privileges revoked.  These students will have to use carpool.

    We will have two types of walkers: regular walkers and independent walkers.  Regular walkers must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling. Students in grades K and 1 will be regular walkers.  Independent walkers can walk home by themselves.  Students in grades 2-5 can be independent walkers if they have a completed permission form on file with the school.

    Walker numbers

    All regular walkers will be issued a walker number and a mirror tag with that number.  These tags will be used for picking walkers up from the walker room.  They can also be used as carpool tags if the family chooses to use carpool on particular days.  If you would like a number for an independent walker, please get a regular carpool tag.

    Regular Walkers

    Regular walkers will be tagged with a light blue tag.  Regular walkers must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling when walking to and from school.  All regular walkers will report to the Multi-Purpose Room (Walker Room) at the end of the day.  Parents, guardians, or older siblings will meet the walkers at the doors on the exterior of the Multi-Purpose Room (Walker Room).  Parents will be given a walker number (like a carpool number).  This number should be displayed to pick walkers up.  Once parents have their children, they may walk to Harps Mill or Staghorn and then home.  

    Older siblings who are independent walkers may serve as escorts for their K-1 brothers and sisters if they have permission.  To give permission, list their names on the independent walker form.  Regular walkers who have permission to walk with older siblings will have a dark blue sticker dot added to their light blue walker tag indicating they can walk with an older sibling.  The older siblings should present the number tag when picking up their younger brothers and sisters from the media center.    

    Independent walkers

    Students in grades 2-5 may walk home independently with permission from a parent or guardian.  Click here for the Independent Walker Permission Form. Independent walkers will be tagged with a royal blue tag.  Friends who are NOT approved to walk independently may NOT walk home with independent walkers.  No student will be dismissed to walk independently without a completed form and a visible royal blue walking tag.  Independent walkers should report to the media center at dismissal.  They will form a line and be escorted off campus by a staff member or safety patrol member.  Once walked to the edge of campus, independent walkers will be expected to walk straight home.  

    Suspension of privileges

    Walking privileges may be suspended for any child who exhibits unsafe behaviors when walking, or is walking to a car for pick up, or moves and no longer resides in the walk zone.