• Carpool Procedures


    The children’s safety is our primary concern. Our carpool system is designed to offer safe and efficient dismissal of students who are picked up daily in private vehicles. Carpool registration and information may be picked up in the school office.

    Carpool numbers are used to identify parents as they arrive and to call students from the waiting area. We ask all parents who drive to school to participate in the carpool system.

    Due to traffic backups, we ask that you respect the following guidelines to make carpool safe and efficient for all:

    1. Enter the carpool loop from Staghorn Lane (right turn only) and remain in single file following the arrows to the front of the school for drop-off and pickup. Exit onto Harps Mill Road.

    2. Remain in the carpool line rather than parking and walking students in, unless they are carrying projects/materials that they can not carry themselves or if you are volunteering.

    3. Do not drop off or pick up at the cafeteria area or on Staghorn Lane or Harps Mill Rd. This practice does not provide proper supervision or safety for children. It is also not fair to parents that follow the rules each day.

    4. In the morning, students may be dropped off between 8:00-8:25 am in the carpool lane.

    5. Afternoon carpool will run from 2:58-3:15pm.

    6. Carpool students should be picked up by 3:15 pm.

    7. Drive down along the curb as far as possible when dropping off or picking up students.

    8. Students should be ready to disembark as soon as their vehicle come to a halt. Parents should remain in the car at all times.

    9. Please drive slowly and do not use cell phones in the car pool line.

    All parents are asked to consistently follow the school’s carpool and dismissal procedures. Consistent procedures allow for orderly, efficient, and safe entry and dismissal of all students. Parents wishing to disregard the procedures for arrival and dismissal will be issued a warning from the WCPSS Security Department.