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    North Ridge Elementary has been described as the hidden jewel of North Raleigh. Tucked in the woods of the North Ridge neighborhood, this warm, inviting school stands ready to nurture and inspire each of its young learners.

    North Ridge’s primary strength is the outstanding staff. North Ridge has a supportive administration and an experienced teaching force. The staff at North Ridge is focused on building strong relationships with students and delivering quality instruction each day.

    Polite children are another strength of North Ridge. It is not uncommon to see a student at North Ridge opening the door for others and warmly greeting them with a smile and a kind word. Many North Ridge students are engaged in extracurricular activities, including Safety Patrol, Media Helpers, Tennis Club, Drama Club, and more.

    North Ridge has a strong family atmosphere and a neighborhood feel. Parents are a welcomed asset to the school community. Volunteers are a common sight and many families walk their kids to and from school each day. The PTA provides abundant support and sponsors a gigantic spring carnival, movie nights, cultural arts demonstrations, a book fair, spirit nights, teacher mini-grants, and more.


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