• Pine Hollow Middle School PTSA will be using MemberHub to bring you into our school community and keep you informed and engaged with what is happening. Within our MemberHub site, you will find information about volunteering, PTSA events, signup sheets, shared calendar events, files, photos, reminders, and much more all in one place!

    Your information is stored securely and privately. Once you've joined, you will have access to various hubs that are important and specific to you and your family. You will be able manage your profile, your family, communication preferences, and download the MemberHub iPhone or Android app.

    Please take a moment to sign up on the PHMS PTSA MemberHub site. To join go to https://pinehollow.memberhub.com/join/jh31lp

    Already a member of Pine Hollow MemberHub?  Click HERE.

    Any questions, please contact phmsptsa16@gmail.com

    Want to Volunteer?

    To volunteer on a committee, you must have a MemberHub account (see above). Browse the list of hubs below and click the Join button for each hub you would like to help with. You can always leave a hub later by clicking the Hub Settings button inside that hub.

    Athletic Banquets Hub - JOIN

    This committee helps with the celebrating of our athletes. We have 3 Banquets - Fall, Winter, and Spring. Please click JOIN if you wish to volunteer on this committee. Chairperson - KuTena Williams

    Box Top Hub - JOIN

    This committee helps with collecting, counting and bagging General Mills Box Tops to help earn money for Pine Hollow. Chairperson - Mindy Gipson & Dawn Cain

    Communications Hub - JOIN

    This committee helps share information from the PTSA to the Pine Hollow community. Sign up if you are interested. Chairperson - Courtney Orning

    Concessions - JOIN

    Concessions needs volunteers to help work the concession booth during Pine Hollow events such as athletic games, band performances and plays. Volunteers can work a shift or two. Go Pilots!  Chairperson - Lori Fisher & Betsy Harris

    Cultural Arts Hub - JOIN

    This committee helps bring the Cultural Arts to Pine Hollow. Co-Chairs -Nicole Boone

    Dance Hub - JOIN

    The Dance Hub is a group of volunteers that wish to assist with Pine Hollow Dances. 

    Co-Chairs - Victoria Artis & Jennifer Erbst

    Fundraising Hub - JOIN

    This committee works to plan and execute ways to raise money for our school.  Chairperson - Theresa Sarmiere & Louise Brunson

    Hospitality Hub - JOIN

    The Hospitality Committee is a group of parents/volunteers that support PHMS teachers and staff by providing homemade or store bought goodies throughout the year.  Co-Chairs - Melissa Buxengard & Christina Valente

    Membership - JOIN

    This committee helps the Membership Chair to encourage Pine Hollow families to become a PTSA member.  Chairperson - Jennifer Ostling

    Spirit Rock Hub - JOIN

    Join the Spirit Rock Hub to reserve a week to paint the rock, pay for the rental and read the rules. Please contact the committee chairs for any further questions you may have.

    Chairperson: Laura Mann

    Spirit Wear Hub - JOIN

    The Spirit Wear committee is responsible for selling and distributing throughout the school year. Please sign up if you are interested in helping. Chairperson - Heather Swanson

    Staff Appreciation - JOIN

    This committee now falls under Hospitality. Please join the Hospitality Committee if you wish to help with Staff Appreciation. Chairperson - Beth Rossen