Degrees and Certifications:

Student Services

Our exceptional school counselors, Mrs. Jones, and Mrs. Chambers-Banks provide a comprehensive counseling program which improves student achievement and enhances the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. They collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, and others to promote student well-being and success.


Amie Jones                                            

Counselor for Students with Last Names A-J
(919) 578-2625
Phone: 919-404-3630 ext.21120 
Anetricia Thomas

Counselor for Students with Last Names K-Z
Phone: 919-404-3630 ext.21122 

Nukenya Cox Smith

Our Social Worker Mrs. Cox Smith is a licensed and trained professional who provides a link between the home, school and community through support services that positively impact the development of the whole child.

Phone: 919-404-3630 ext.21121


Emily Sturkie

Mrs. Emily Sturkie, ZMS' school psychologist, is a uniquely qualified individual who uses her expertise to assist students academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally. She supports our student's ability to learn and our teacher's ability to teach by working very closely with students.

Phone: 919-404-3630 ext.21103


Dawn Knode

ZMS' dedicated school nurse Mrs. Dawn Knode, plays a key role in identifying health care needs, safety concerns, availability of health services, resources and treatment measures. Mrs. Knode does all that and is also responsible for planning, implementing, coordinating and evaluating school health services needs.

Phone: 919-404-3630 ext.21101


Sonia Vargas

Mrs. Vargas, Guidance Tech, provides top level office support by performing a large range of simple and complex duties in the Student Services Department. This tireless work requires a high degree of patience, broad-mindedness and resourcefulness due to its daily variety of human interaction.


Phone: 919-404-3630 ext.21127