School Improvement

  • The purpose of school improvement is to improve achievement and outcomes for every student by working to eliminate the ability to predict achievement based on socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity.

    We do this by collaboratively and continuously analyzing data and making decisions considering the unique needs of the learning community and the district's strategic plan.

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  • Guided by our Mission, Vision, Values, and Core Beliefs, the School Improvement Plan defines goals and objectives that guide our daily work at Brier Creek. We have a singular overarching goal that we are working towards through the implementation of five Key Processes. School Improvement is led and monitored by the School Improvement Team and implemented through committees called Navigation Crews.



    By June 2024, Brier Creek Elementary will meet or exceed growth as measured by EVAAS data. Overall proficiency will increase from 43% to 55% as measured by the NC EOG/EOC.


    Key Processes

    1. All teachers and staff employ effective classroom management and reinforce classroom rules and procedures by positively teaching them.

    2. Instructional Teams develop standards-aligned units of instruction for each subject and grade level. 

    3. The school implements a tiered instructional system that allows teachers to deliver evidence-based instruction aligned with the individual needs of students across tiers. 

    4. All teachers and staff are attentive to students' emotional states, guide students in managing their emotions, and arrange for supports and interventions when necessary.

    5. The school develops and implements consistent, intentional, and on-going plans to support student transitions for grade-to-grade and level-to-level. 

    6. The LEA has an LEA support and Improvement Team.

    7. A leadership team consisting of the principal, teachers who lead the Instructional Teams, and other professional staff meets regularly to review implementation of effective practices. 

    8. The school has established a team structure among teachers with specific duties and time for instructional planning.

    9. The principal monitors curriculum and classroom instruction regularly and provides timely, clear, and constructive feedback to teachers.

    10. The LEA/School regulary looks at school performance data and aggregated classroom observation data and uses that data to make decisions about school improvement and professional development needs. 

    11. The LEA/School has established a system of procedures and protocols for recruiting, evaluating, rewarding, and replacing staff. 

    12. The school regularly communicates with parents/guardians about its expectations of them and the importance of the curriculum of the home (what parents can do at home to support their children's learning)



    Some of the things we do at Brier Creek that support the achievement of our Goal and Indicators are:

    • Use of the MTSS Framework to Monitor and Respond to Growth and Achievement
    • Morning Meetings in Every Classroom
    • Positivity Project Lessons, Assemblies, and Reinforcement
    • PLT Planning using the Understanding by Design Framework
    • Parents are Connected Nights
    • Teaching and Reinforcement of School-Wide Behavior Expectations
    • Collaboration with the BCES PTA
    • Analysis of and Response to Panorama Family Engagement Survey
    • Systematic Communication with Parents from Teachers and Administration
    • Use of Restorative Practices


Full School Improvement Plan and Progress

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  • Eric Taylor - Principal - Elected 8/22/23

    Brittney Lara - Asst. Principal - Elected 8/22/23  

    Rebecca Gurkin - 4th Grade/Co-Processor - Elected 8/22/23  

    Tracey Joyner - Instructional Facilitator 3-5th/Co-Processor - Elected 8/22/23  

    Mary-Elizabeth Robinson - 5th Grade - Elected 8/22/23  

    Meagan Parkerson - 3rd Grade - Elected 8/22/23  

    Tiffany Stubbs - 2nd Grade - Elected 8/22/23  

    Sue McCorkle - 1st Grade - Elected 8/22/23  

    Yolanda Barham - Kindergarten - Elected 8/22/23  

    Jennifer Riggs - Special Education - Elected 8/22/23  

    Lannie Robinson - Instructional Asst - Elected 8/22/23  

    Erin Williams - Instructional Facilitator/Literacy Coach - Elected 8/22/23  

    Brianne Greene - Counselor - Elected 8/22/23  

    Melodie Hunsberger - AIG - Elected 8/22/23  

    Theresa Smith - Intervention - Elected 8/22/23  

    Christy Bunn - Intervention - Elected 8/22/23  

    Tracey Lipkins - ESL - Elected 8/22/23  

    Marcell Glowiak - Parent Rep- Elected 8/22/23  

    Latina Turner - Parent Rep- Elected 8/22/23  

    Shawnette Gross - Parent Rep- Elected 8/22/23  

    LaQuita Graves - Parent Rep- Elected 8/22/23  

    Ryan King - Parent Rep- Elected 8/22/23  

    Devonna Moss - Parent Rep- Elected 8/22/23  

    Starr Richey- Parent Rep- Elected 8/22/23  

  • 2024-2025 Meeting Dates

    July 10 - Quarterly Review

    August 14

    September 11

    October 9 - Quarterly Review

    November 13

    January 15

    February 19 - Quarterly Review

    March 12

    April 9 - Quarterly Review

    May 14