School Improvement

  • The purpose of school improvement is to improve achievement and outcomes for every student by working to eliminate the ability to predict achievement based on socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity.

    We do this by collaboratively and continuously analyzing data and making decisions considering the unique needs of the learning community and the district's strategic plan.



    • Melissa McKinley - Principal
    • Emily Hardee - Assistant Principal
    • Kelly Wilson - SIP Co-Chair, Instructional Facilitator
    • Dana Scobie -SIP Co-Chair 
    • Jessie BlankenshipLead Secretary
    • Princess Vines - PreK
    • Janelle Ferguson - Kindergarten
    • Kelly Bozza - First Grade
    • Katy Womack - Second Grade
    • Noel Hilyer - Third Grade
    • Kimberly Ratliff - Fourth Grade
    • Tamara Campbell - Fifth Grade
    • Karen FichterESL
    • Kara Wright - SPED
    • Kristen McBryde - Magnet Coordinator
    • Michelle Benson - MTAC/Media
    • Susan Mansfield - Art/Specials
    • Kimberly Smitley - Counselor, Student Support Team
    • Lori Stillman - Instructional Assistant 
    • Bryan Wilson - Parent

      School Improvement Team Members Approved 8/21/2021

  • School Improvement Meetings

    All school improvement meetings will be held in the media center or online.

    If you are interested in attending a virtual School Improvement Team meeting, please contact our Instructional Facilitator at or 919-850-8720 

      • September 14- School Improvement Leadership Team

        September 14- School Improvement Committees

        October 12- School Improvement Leadership Team

        October 19- School Improvement Committees

        November 16- School Improvement Leadership Team

        November 23- School Improvement Committees

        December 14- School Improvement Leadership Team

        January 11- School Improvement Leadership Team

        January 25- School Improvement Committees

        February 8- School Improvement Leadership Team

        February 15- School Improvement Committees

        March 8- School Improvement Leadership Teams

        March 15- School Improvement Committees

        April 19- School Improvement Leadership Team

        April 26- School Improvement Committees

        May 10- School Improvement Leadership Team

        May 17- School Improvement Committees


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