• Moore Owlsome News 

    Week of August 27, 2018


    Here's this week's video!

    Oakview Updates:

    • Welcome all new students!  We anticipate over 900 owls this year!  

    • Please be patient with carpool and buses during the first couple of weeks of school.  They will move faster as students become adjusted to the procedures. Kindergarten will join us September 4, 2018.  Anticipate carpool and buses to be exceptionally slower that week.

      • Helping your child learn their carpool number is important.
      • Safety first! No cell phone use while carpool is moving. 
      • Also, make sure your child knows how they are going home. 
    • The mobile community is known as the NeighborHoot.  Each mobile unit is a treehut! Please note, if your child is a student in a treehut, they can’t be dropped off by the mobiles.  You must go through the carpool line and students will enter the building through the main entrance. Also, students can’t be picked up from the mobiles.