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    Check out the message below from The Office of Grants & Strategic Advancement to learn about how you can use DonorsChoose to improve your instruction:

    "I am writing today to share exciting news about expanded access to technology items through DonorsChoose!  WCPSS has collaborated with DonorsChoose to enable teachers to receive WCPSS approved technology offerings through DonorsChoose grant requests.

    Over the past few months, Technology Services and the Office of Grants have been working closely with DonorsChoose to establish a process whereby teachers can request technology, including Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, printers, and more, using WCPSS purchase orders. This new process means that technology received through DonorsChoose will be fully supported, with extended warranties, upgraded specifications, and configuration/setup services completed. While these services may add to the cost of a base model, it results in added longevity and support of the device while ensuring compatibility with WCPSS infrastructure and core application requirements.

    Teachers who want to include technology items in a DonorsChoose proposal will be prompted to submit a Special Request Project to DonorsChoose, which will allow them to select WCPSS approved technology offerings. Please note that teachers who are new to DonorsChoose will not be able to include technology in their first project, as they will first need to earn 6 points to create a Special Request Project. Learn more about the DonorsChoose Point System here.

    Technology Services has posted information about how to request technology through DonorsChoose, and we encourage you to visit their site to learn more about how this process will work. In addition to providing step-by-step directions, the Technology Services page also has information about the technology items included, links to WCPSS Purchase Orders, more detail about WCPSS technology guidelines, and responses to frequently asked questions. 

    Since this is a new process, we appreciate your patience and feedback if you encounter any difficulties with your DonorsChoose request. We would like the opportunity to troubleshoot any problems so that the process will flow smoothly for everyone. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with the Office of Grants to let us know.

    We hope this update will be welcome news, expanding access to district-approved technology through Donors Choose. School Grant Contacts will be updated on this change as well. As of today, the hold which had been in place on technology requests through Donors Choose is lifted. Should staff wish to apply for a grant through DonorsChoose, or any other grant resource, let us know by submitting an Intent to Apply Form."