• Step One:  August 23, 2018  - Parent Meeting. 5:30 - 7 p.m.  Media Center. 


    • Meet with our district BYOD visionary and specialist.
    • Discuss appropriate and ideal devices to support the BYOD initiative.
    • Review and sign BYOD agreement.  (See link in the navigation to the left.)
    • Experience a "lesson" using the using technology that supports all stages of teaching and learning.


    D - Delivery

    - Clearly and directly conveying necessary information to students

    - Teacher-driven, but students still use technology to access it

    S - Student Practice with Feedback

    - Provides opportunities for students to work with new knowledge

    - Emphasizes collaboration, creation, sharing, problem-solving, and real-world connections

    - Most classroom time spent here

    - Find the right digital tool for the right learners for the right lesson

    A - Assessment

    - Formative assessments (online polls, short written responses)

    - Summative assessments generally require devices that allow students to create, edit, and share (documents, videos, images, audio)

    P - Productivity

    - Using tech to manage learning logistics (like keeping notes or tools for making presentations/documents)

    - Google Classroom, Canvas, PowerSchool, etc.

    - More student-driven than the other elements


    STEP TWO - Students should return Student/Parent Agreement no later than September 6. (see navigation to the left)

    • Students whose parents sign the agreement on Parent Night will be called to the Media Center to get their signature on the form.

    STEP THREE - Launch BYOD in classrooms, when appropriate for content being taught, on September 10.