• Supplemental Guidelines for WMMS Students


    Guidelines in addition to, or simplifying items, in the WCPSS BYOD Agreement


    1. You are responsible for keeping your device safe. 

    2. Use skins, decals, or labels to make it easy to know which device is yours.

    3. You must use the school’s Wi-Fi. You may NOT use your personal wifi (3G/4G) at school.  We will teach you how to access the Wake County Student Wi-Fi.

    4. You will never be required to bring a device to school.

    5. You may only use your device only when permitted by a teacher or other staff member. The device should be in your backpack or locker at other times.

    6. Your device must be set on silent mode at all times unless being used for learning with your teacher’s permission. 

    7. Bring earbuds for times that your teacher allows the use of sound.

    8.  You may not use your device to make phone calls, instant message or text, unless direct and specific permission is granted by a teacher or administrator.

    9. You may not take pictures or videos of anyone at school unless your teacher is supervising you. 

    10. Games are allowed only when they serve an educational purpose and are part of your teacher’s assignment.

    11. You will not be able to connect your device to a school printer.

    12. You may not connect your device to any network cable outlet or computer in the school.

    13. Charge your device before you bring it to school. Power outlets are not always available for charging devices at school.

    14. You must follow any other rules or procedures your teacher may set up for your classroom and for the open areas of the school campus.