• Frequently Asked Questions


    How does Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work?
    BYOD allows students to turn their personal devices into learning devices while freeing up access to school computers for those students who might not have their own.


    What types of devices may students bring? 

    Any device that is portable and can provide Internet access can be used; however, Chromebooks and laptops are preferred.  Devices with physical, integrated keyboards and larger screens allow students easier completion of a wider variety of assignments. 


    How do I access the Internet?

    Your teacher will give you the code/access for you to log onto a special BYOD wireless network, different from the one that is used for instruction.


    When may I bring my device to class?

    You may only bring your device to a BYOD participating classroom. Your device should stay in your locker or secured in your backpack during periods that the BYOD stoplight is on RED.


    When may I use my device?

    Devices may be used only when classroom stoplight is on GREEN.  When the stoplight is on YELLOW, you must ask your teacher before using the device.  Your teacher is the one that determines whether or not you may use your device during his/her class period.


    What if I can't get my device to access the school's network?

    Teachers and other school staff are not permitted to "fix" your device. Most devices will ask you if you want to join a detected wireless connection and then you can join the BYOD network. If your device doesn't come up this way, try clicking on your settings, then the network icon and follow the provided information about joining the network from your teacher. If that still doesn't work your next best option is to find another student at the school that is using a device or system like yours that can help you.


    Do I need to pay for any applications/programs for my device?

    WCPSS has provided email and Google accounts to all students. Most other tools will be web-based and should not cost anything. There may possibly be a time when a specific application/program is requested by a teacher, much like a specific folder, binder, paper, project material would be requested for a class. This would be subject/class specific.


    If I have stored some of my work on my student drive at school how do I access it from home?

    Student work should be created using Google apps that can easily be accessed from any device on or off campus.  Work saved on WMMS system is secure and can not be accessed off-site.


    What if my device is damaged during the day or stolen?

    You are bringing your device at your own risk; your device should be secured in your locker or with you at all times just like money. your phone or other valuables would be. West Millbrook Middle and/or WCPSS is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen devices. 

    Am I permitted to use my device's 3G/4G network during the school day?

    The wireless network provided by West Millbrook Middle and WCPSS has security and filters that make Internet access safer and more directed for learning; therefore, students are not permitted to use their personal wireless connection.


    What if I don't have a device to bring to school?

    All learning activities that students can do with their personal devices will also be able to be performed with devices the school provides; however, there are rarely enough school-owned computers in each class for every student. School-owned devices typically must be shared among 2-4 students. 

    BYOD will encourage students to see their personal devices as tools for learning and not just as “toys” for gaming, texting, etc.  This can foster collaboration among students, as well.