• Mission

    At West Millbrook Magnet Middle School our BYOD mission is to provide a relevant, engaging, technology-rich environment, that emphasizes global and critical-thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and responsible digital citizenship; thus, preparing students for high school and beyond.


    Why personally owned devices work best

    • Students are usually experts with the device they have and can customize it to their learning needs.
    • Students can use it to learn anytime, anywhere.
    • Students can collaborate with their peers after school, about their school work.
    • Student-owned devices are typically more up-to-date than those schools provide.
    • School-owned devices are expensive and can be hard to sustain.


     About BYOD

    • Though any internet-connected device is acceptable, we recommend Chromebooks and Laptops, since they have integrated keyboards, larger screens, and work well on all websites.  Additionally, they easily connect to the student's WCPSS Google Drive (docs, sheets, slides, etc.).
    • BYOD is a choice program.  
    • Students are not required to bring devices to school and will be provided opportunities to work with school-owned technology if they do not have a personal device available. 
    • These devices are used at the discretion of individual teachers, media specialists, and administrators to enhance lessons and learning while at West Millbrook Middle School.
    • Teachers incorporate devices at appropriate points in their lessons to enable students to think critically, visibly, and globally in the classroom.
    • Students have access to their personal WCPSS-issued Google Apps Account which aligns with the BYOD program.
    • Student Google accounts allow for access to Google applications, except for Gmail.
    • B.Y.O.D. will grant students the privilege to use their devices in the classroom. 
    • WCPSS requires that all staff have a “hands-off” policy on student devices.  Teachers are facilitators of instruction and should not spend time fixing technical issues with personal devices in the classroom. 



    In bringing a device to school with the intent to use it in class, you are agreeing to adhere to the following:

    • Use of this BYOD policy in the classroom is at the discretion of the teacher.
    • Students take full responsibility for their devices (loss, theft, damage, and acceptable use). 
    • Students must immediately comply with teachers' requests to shut down devices or close the screen. 
    • Teachers may collect devices for purposes of testing or classroom policy.
    • Personal devices will not be used during state assessments. 
    • Students and parents are expected to respect and protect the privacy of others. Students and parents are not permitted to capture, transmit, or post photographs/videos of any person on campus to public or social networking sites for personal reasons.
    • Students are expected to use devices at school for educational purposes only. Devices cannot be used during class for personal use (EX:  texts, calls, music, games, websites other than assigned, etc).
    • Students understand that printing from personal devices will not be possible at school; however, assignments may be
      • shared with a teacher via Google Drive or Classroom in lieu of printing
      • printed in the library after receiving permission from the librarian
      • printed at home
    • Students will use the guest network (search WAKE-BYOD) for network access.
    • Students are expected to follow the Responsible Use Guidelines stated in the West Millbrook Student Code of Conduct. Any violation may result in the loss of technology privileges at school, as well as other disciplinary action.
    • School administrators have the authorization to collect/examine a device if a violation of the School Code of Conduct or the WCPSS Acceptable Use Policy is suspected. 

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