• Garner Storytellers

    Storytelling Club!

    The Storytelling Club is open to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.  The purpose of the club is to have fun learning how to tell stories and to perform in public.  We will share stories for Night with the Specialists which is scheduled for Thursday, February 21st. We will tell stories at Barnes & Noble, Tuesday, December 11th.


    We will meet most Wednesday mornings before school 8:15-8:45 during 2nd and 3rd quarter.  We will get together to learn stories and practice telling them. We also learn to use different emotions and tones of voices and body language to help tell our stories.   We will start meet November 1st   through February 28th.


    If you are in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade and would be interested in participating, please return this form in to the library media center by September 1stParents are responsible for all transportation.  If you have questions, please call Ms. Waller, 773-9500 extension 21302  Please follow the library twitter account for updates @timberlibrary.

    At our first meeting, we will go over storytelling basics and you will have an opportunity to select a story to begin learning.  At each of the following meetings, you will learn techniques to make your story more interesting to your audience. 

     Storytelling  will meet every Wednesday  morning at 8:15 -  unless otherwise noted

    • Wednesday, Oct 31- (1st meeting – Introduction) 8:15-8:45

       Wednesday, November 7, 8:15-8:45

      Wednesday, Nov 14, 8:15-8:45

      Wednesday, Nov 28, 8:15-8:45

      Wednesday, Dec. 5, 8:15-8:45

      Tuesday, December 11 – Barnes and Noble

      Wednesday, Dec. 12, 8:15-8:45

       Wednesday, Dec. 19, No practice

      Wednesday, January 30, 8:15-8:45

      Wednesday, Feb. 6 , 8:15-8:45

      Wednesday, Feb. 13, 8:15-8:45

      Wednesday, Feb. 20, 8:15-8:45

    • Thursday, Feb. 21, Night with the Specialists – All storytellers need to attend & tell stories in library

      Wednesday, February 27, 8:15-8:45 –  Storytelling Celebration –bring a store bought item to share for breakfast.