• The purpose of Battle of the Books is to encourage reading in all students. The quiz show format creates fun and excitement in reading. Students read books from the NC Elementary Battle of the Books list and the club is open to 4th and 5th graders.  Students will be put in teams based on how many books they have read and how they perform on a test about the books taken near the end of the year.  The teams will be asked questions about the books and students will need to tell the book that the question came from and the author’s name.  The club will meet during the school day to practice and will compete in June.  In order for interested students to be prepared, we have the list of books that will be used during Battle of the Books.  Books are available at the Timber Drive library media center and at the public library.  If you have questions, please contact the library media center, Ms. Waller at 773-9500 ext. 21302.

    Battle of the Books meetings will be on the following Wednesdays from 11:35-12:05 

    1st meeting, Wednesday, August 30 - 11:35-12:05

    Wednesday,  September 20th –  need to have read a minimum of 1 book

    Wednesday,  November 1st  -  need to have read a minimum of 3 books

    Wednesday, November 29th - need to have read 5 books 

    Wednesday,  December 13th – need to read a minimum of 6 books - Quiz

    Wednesday,  February 7th – need to read a minimum of 8 books

    Wednesday,  February 21st  – Need to have read a minimum of 9 books

    Wednesday,  March 6th   – Need to have read a minimum of 10 books

    Wednesday,  March 20th   – Need to have read a minimum of 11 books

    Wednesday,  May 8th  – need to have read a minimum of 13 books- Quiz to decide teams 

    Wednesday, , May 22nd   - Team Practice - need to have read a minimum of 14 books 

    Wednesday,  May 29th   – Team Practice

    (Team may vote for more team practices before competition)                               

    Friday,  May 31st - Celebration 8:45-9:15 Bring Breakfast Snack to share

    Friday,  May 31st -  Competition – 9:50-10:40 Gym -  tentative

    NCSLMA Elementary Battle of the Books Booklist 2023-2024



    Amari and the Night Brothers

    B.B. Alston

    Where the Watermelons Grow

    Cindy Baldwin

    Root Magic

    Eden Royce

    Escape from Mr. Limoncello’s Library

    Chris Grabenstein

    The Elephant in the Room

    Holly Goldberg Sloan


    Scott Westerfeld

    Walls Within Walls

    Maureen Sherry

    The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez**

    Adrianna Curevas


    Barbara O’Connor


    Sara Pennypacker

    The Hero Two Doors Down

    Sharon Robinson


    Rodman Philbrick

    The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

    Stacy McAnulty

    Not If I Can Help It

    Carolyn Mackler

    The Very, Very Far North

    Dan Bar-el

    *First book in the Horizon series

    ** Student Choice Selection