• Schools and Community Organized to Read (SCOR)

  • SCOR SCOR, Schools and Community Organized to Read, is a locally-developed reading buddy program for schools supported by the Garner Educational Foundation (GEF).  SCOR serves primarily second graders who need additional assistance to improve their reading.  Volunteer reading buddies meet with school-identified  students for thirty minutes each week to read from a collection of books  provided by the media specialist of that school.

    Since the beginning (2000-2001 school year), the GEF program has  continued to grow, serving approximately 100 students each year.   The SCOR program has shown results.   For example, at the end of the first full year of SCOR implementation, seventy-nine percent of those students who participated in SCOR were promoted to the next grade.  Each year, SCOR students have improved on  their reading level testing.

    Expectations of SCOR Volunteers

    Whether a SCOR volunteer is a member of a business, government or a civic or faith group participating in SCOR or an independent individual wishing to become a reading buddy for a second grader in one of the Garner elementary schools, all SCOR Volunteers are expected to:

    1. Complete the school system background check enrollment.
    2. Attend a school or GEF training for new volunteers.
    3. Obtain & review school information packet on schedule, process, locations, and contacts.
    4. Follow school rules for check-in and check-out when on school property.
    5. Meet with assigned student for 30 minutes each week to read together, alerting the appropriate school contact of any issues.
    6. Communicate with school contact and student regarding upcoming absences from weekly session.
    7. Attend school and GEF celebratory SCOR functions.

    SCOR students are rewarded at the end of the school year with an age-appropriate dictionary.  SCOR volunteers are honored with a luncheon.   The Town of Garner, Wake County, Wachovia Bank, and various community members  provide funding for the SCOR program coordinator, the dictionaries, the  luncheon, and books for the media centers.

    Timber Drive Elementary utilizes the SCOR program and continues to seek new SCOR volunteers.  Contact Ms. Waller kwaller@wcpss.net for  further  information on volunteering at Timber Drive.

    ***We are hoping to start SCOR back in the first of February***