If inclement weather occurs, listen to local television and radio stations for information regarding school closings, delays, or early dismissals.  Further information follows:


    • If Wake County Schools are closed due to inclement weather, York Elementary will be closed.
    • If Wake County Schools are delayed due to inclement weather, York Elementary will delay as well.
    • Sometimes the first message to go out is a delay (one to two hours) and then the decision will be made to close school. Continue to listen to the news to be sure there is not a change.
    • If inclement weather occurs during the school day, we sometimes close early. We are not able to let children call parents because this prevents incoming calls (not to mention our not having enough phone lines to accommodate the demand).  Please listen to the radio to hear about early closings -- we do not receive notification any earlier than the news media. If you do not have access to television/radio at work, you can also check WRAL-TV.com, & WCPSS.net for  announcements, or our social media feeds – Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YorkElementary/ & Twitter @YorkESBulldogs.
    • Be sure to call the school if your child's mode of transportation changes.
    • If schools are delayed, our before-school care program will be delayed for the same amount of time. And, any meetings scheduled before school will be cancelled and rescheduled where appropriate (not delayed).
    • If schools are delayed, breakfast will not be served in the cafeteria. We will follow our regular lunch schedule/plan.
    • If your child receives transportation from other before or after-school programs, please contact them directly.
    • It is imperative that you have a back-up plan for your child (a neighbor, for example) in case your child gets home before you due to an early closing. This plan should also include which parent will contact the school if changes are to occur.
    • If school closes early or after school activities are cancelled, the after-school care program is closed. Our program coordinator will contact parents/families to inform them.  Parents need to contact York Elementary to inform the office of the student’s new mode of transportation.  We will communicate that to the classroom teacher.


    Kate Williams - Principal