• It is here!  The first week of school for the 2017-2018 school year.  It was so exciting to see everyone at last week's Meet the Teacher!  We will welcome our kindergarten students this week during staggered entry.  All kindergarten families and students are invited to our K Meet the Teacher on Friday, September 1 beginning at 9:30am.  Please be patient as we welcome all of the students on Tuesday, September 5, which will include our kindergarten students, and carpool may be a bit slower in the beginning of the year.  


    We will have all staff, and some volunteers, assisting with students getting to their new classrooms during the first week of school.  We encourage all parents to access bus routes and carpool for students on the first day, establishing the routines from the beginning.  Parents, please remember when visiting classrooms, you must bring your photo ID and sign-in at the main office. 


    We are excited announce our school cafeteria, also know as the dining hall, has now been renamed to the Owl Court!  Think of the mall food court!  We are providing our Oakview learners with the opportunity for self-selected seating during lunch.  Of course, when there are hundreds of children in the Owl Court at one time, we must have high expectations for appropriate manners and etiquette while enjoying lunch.  Thank you for reinforcing these expectations with your child.  


    As always, please be sure to read our website carefully as there is much important information!  It includes our School Improvement Plan, bus expectations, biographies of staff members, plus lots more!


    If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our school staff.  We see this year as another wonderful adventure, so be sure to use our hashtags as often as possible:  #owlventuresawait and #owlsome.  



    Mr. Moore