• Double PE: Something new this school year!


    There was a time when children would play outdoors and get exercise by running and riding bicycles.   In recent years, concerns about children’s safety and the popularity of computers and video games, have contributed to the decline in outdoor play for children. Unless children are involved in sports or similar activities, they may spend very little time engaged in physical exercise.

    According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the target for physical activity in adolescents is 60 minutes of daily aerobic activity. The importance of physical activity should be promoted in the school setting as well as after school activities.   Part of WCPSS vision for 2020 is the 4C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical thinking.  Physical Education classes are rooted in these four components of student learning.  Our goal is for the 4Cs experiences that students have in Physical Education class to transfer to positive classroom experiences.

    With all that said Jones Dairy ES is excited to offer to our students Physical Education class twice per week. The expansion of our Physical Education program will give your child the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the Healthful Living curriculum and lifelong health and wellness.  Ms. Pennington will plan all physical education lessons. Mr. Richard Kalet, Teacher Assistant, will assist Ms. Pennington by carrying out her plans and providing supervision. This will allow for multiple Physical Education sessions to be happening at the same time. Ms. Pennington will concentrate more on skill development whereas the sessions that Mr. Kalet supervises will be more sport/game oriented. For example: Ms. Pennington would work more on developing the skills related to basketball, dribbling, passing, shooting, etc. whereas Mr. Kalet’s sessions would be focused on actually playing basketball. This is the general plan but there certainly may be times when both instructors are involved with skill building or with supervising the actual sport/game.


    What about the Computer lab? Will my child not get an opportunity to learn/work on computer/technology skills?

    Last year Mr. Kalet did supervise in the computer lab, but as mentioned above he will be assisting Ms. Pennington with the PE sessions this year. This does mean that “Computer Lab” will not be a special this school year.   However, your child will have plenty of opportunities to utilize technology for the purposes of enhancing his/her learning experience as well as to further develop technological awareness and skills.   The computer lab will still be functional and classroom teachers will be able to schedule whole-class sessions in the lab. This will provide classroom teachers with the opportunity to enhance core curricula instructional lessons by incorporating the wide-array of learning opportunities available via the internet/technology.    The lab does provide a setting where it is possible to provide a one-to-one student/device ratio (or close to it) but it certainly is not the only place where your child can access a computer. Each classroom has several computer units available for student use. Approximately half of our classrooms are in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. There are also two 15 unit mobile carts available for sign-out to support classroom teachers in providing technology to their students.

    We are proud to be able to have our students receive both physical education twice a week and the resources to provide technology for all our students at Jones Dairy ES.   As always we look forward to another successful school year.


    *US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease and Health Promotion