• Our first day of testing went well!

    Check out this #owlsome video that our students madewith Ms. Huddles' help!

    The dates for testing for next week are as follows:

    Tuesday, May 30th -  3rd Grade Math and 4th Grade Reading
    Wednesday, May 31st -  5th Grade Reading, 4th Grade Math and Make Up Testing
    Thursday, June 1st - 5th Grade Math and Make Up Testing
    Friday, June 2nd - Make Up Testing

    A Reminder from Last Week- Prohibited Items in the Testing Room

    Please know that the following items are prohibited in classrooms during testing. The presence of prohibited items in the testing room may constitute a misadministration or violation of the Testing Code of Ethics

    Prohibited items include:

    • Electronic devices.  Other than permitted calculators, students are not allowed to use or have in their possession cell phones or any other electronic devices at any time during testing, including breaks.  Any student found or observed with a cell phone/electronic device during testing time must be dismissed from testing and a misadministration declared for that student.
    • Testing aids: Textbooks, reference books, thesauruses,
    • Smartwatches, wearable activity trackers, music, notes, bookmarks, number lines, multiplication tables, personal learning devices, or any unapproved testing aids are prohibited during the administration of any test in the NC Testing Program.

    NOTE: This includes, but is not limited to Fidget Spinners, Fitbits, Apple Watches, Play-Doh, or other sensory items your child may use in the classroom.

    Thank you for helping us prepare the testing environment for our school!  Your attention and support is appreciated.

    Upcoming 5th Grade Dates

    Wednesday, June 7 5th Grade Enterprise Day
    Thursday, June 8 10:00 am 5th Grade Recognition Program
    Friday, June 9 9:30 5th Grade End of Year Celebration

    2017-2018 Transportation Information

    WCPSS Transportation is preparing for the 2017-18 school year.  We want each school to have a smooth start to the new school year.  Bus driver recruitment and retention remains a major focus and we need your help in finding new drivers and keeping our experienced drivers. Please see the following updates: 

    • Postcards will be mailed to families of current bus riders starting the week of May 15.  These cards will communicate the following: 
    • If your (transportation eligible) child will be riding the bus from the same address to the same school next year, you do not need to take action. If you need to update your bus service, please go online at www.wcpss.net/busrider.
    • You can find up-to-date transportation information in your student’s Home Base/PowerSchool account. (This a new tool that equips families with up-to-date, personalized bus information.)
    • For 2017-18, WCPSS Transportation will begin using email and text messaging to provide bus service information.  Families must keep their email addresses and phone numbers current in Powerschool to receive timely and important information.
    • On May 15, 2017, we will begin receiving, via the web, requests from transportation eligible families for the 2017-18 school year.
    • Any transportation eligible family who needs to make a change for 2017-18 is requested to meet the following deadlines to ensure service on the first day of school:
    • June 9 for Year-round calendar schools (regardless of track assignment)
    • June 26 for Modified calendar schools
    • July 24 for Traditional calendar schools

    Requests received after these cutoff dates will be processed in the order received and WCPSS Transportation will make every effort to provide service as quickly as possible.

    • Transportation will begin receiving requests for Dual Stops for Joint Custody, Alternate Stop(Before and After-School Care) and Transportation–Ineligible students on:
    • August 8 for Year-round calendar schools (regardless of track assignment)
    • August 22 for Modified calendar schools
    • September 26 for Traditional calendar schools 

    We have begun a process to retain existing Alternate Stops that are located in the base attendance area. Transportation will be contacting these families directly. 

    • The Internet form associated with Questions and Concernswill remain available to families as well as our phone line, (919) 805-3030. 
    • By May 19, the Transportation departmental Intranet webpagewill be updated for the 2017-18 school year. This page is updated with the latest information about school bus services for principals and assistant principals who manage their school’s bus services. There are handouts and videos to prepare for the start of the school year, as well as a list of all communications shared with families during the school year.


    Attention Rising 4th and 5th Graders:

    Owl Patrol (aka Safety Patrol) is now accepting applications from rising 4th and 5th graders for the 2017-2018 year. Please reapply if you are currently serving on Owl Patrol. Applications are due by June 1st. 
    The WHOOO News Crew will be moving on to middle school! We need rising 5th graders who are interested in next year. Jobs include anchor, co-anchor, camera person, prompter and more. Please fill out an application by June 3rd.