• May 22, 2017

    Dear Parents, 

    As we move into EOG week, please take note of the information below for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students.  From May 26th-June 2nd, we ask that no parents or visitors, including those in PreK-2nd, eat with their children to ensure a quiet, testing environment.  


    We are looking forward to the wonderful Kindergarten Concert tomorrow, Tuesday, May 23rd, at 6:30 PM.  

    Owl Patrol (aka Safety Patrol) is now accepting applications from rising 4th and 5th graders for the 2017-2018 year. Please reapply if you are currently serving on Owl Patrol. Applications are due by June 1st. 
    The WHOOO News Crew will be moving on to middle school! We need rising 5th graders who are interested in next year. Jobs include anchor, co-anchor, camera person, prompter and more. Please fill out an application by June 3rd.
    Parents, If you are attending an afternoon conference after 3:30pm please enter the school using the 2nd entrance to access the parking lot.  Also, if it is after 4:15pm, please enter the school by the cafeteria as the front doors will be locked.  

    Dear Parents/Guardians, 

    As we near the End-of-Grade Assessments, take note of some very important dates and information. Please make sure your child has a good night’s rest, eats a healthy breakfast, and arrives at school on time on testing days. Students will not need to bring a backpack or any prohibited items listed below to school on testing days. Testing will begin at 9 am each day. Most students will finish within 180 minutes, but they have up to 240 minutes to complete each test.

    The dates for testing are as follows:

    EOG Dates

    Prohibited Items in the Testing Room

    Please know that the following items are prohibited in classrooms during testing. The presence of prohibited items in the testing room may constitute a misadministration or violation of the Testing Code of Ethics.


    Prohibited items include:

    • Electronic devices.  Other than permitted calculators, students are not allowed to use or have in their possession cell phones or any other electronic devices at any time during testing, including breaks.  Any student found or observed with a cell phone/electronic device during testing time must be dismissed from testing and a misadministration declared for that student.
    • Testing aids: Textbooks, reference books, thesauruses,
    • Smartwatches, wearable activity trackers, music, notes, bookmarks, number lines, multiplication tables, personal learning devices, or any unapproved testing aids are prohibited during the administration of any test in the NC Testing Program.


    NOTE: This includes, but is not limited to Fidget Spinners, Fitbits, Apple Watches, Play-Doh, or other sensory items your child may use in the classroom.

    Thank you for helping us prepare the testing environment for our school!  Your attention and support is appreciated.   


    Oakview Elementary Administration