• Welcome to the first edition of "Moore Owlsome News!"  

    Each week I will highlight a few special events happening at Oakview Elementary School.  Our School Improvement Team has been hard at work developing our School Improvement Plan.  Several wonderful Oakview parents are members of the team and have shared the desire for a weekly update from our administration.  So, here is our first edition of the weekly newsletter!  At Oakview, we are all here to create a collaborative learning environment where all students succeed!  Thanks for being a part of the inaugural journey this year.  

    Some highlights for this week:

    • Let's celebrate our upcoming Spring Break with Spring Fever Week.
      • Mellow Yellow Monday
      • Turquoise Tuesday
      • Picture Perfect Pink Wednesday
      • Groovy Green Thursday
      • Owlsome Orange Friday

    • Spring Break is April 10 - 14th. We will resume school with normal hours on Monday, April 17th. 
    • This is a reminder that student early check-out ends at 3pm - This is to provide the office time necessary to prepare for student dismissal.  
    • Student lost and found items are in the cabinet by the dining hall.  There are lots of coats waiting for their owners!  Check it out if you have a missing item.  Unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity after April 7, 2017.  
    • On April 28th we are excited to honor our volunteers! Volunteers will be receiving invitations from teachers and should RSVP soon!
    • Oakview carpool updates:
      Thank you for owl of your effort in making carpool run smoothly this year.
      • Numbers will be collected until 3:55 and carpool will end at 4:00.  If you arrive after 4:00 you will need to come in to sign out your child in the office.
      • We also ask that you please do not pull up or leave the carpool line out of order. Stay in the line while all students load and then exit with the line.