• Carpool Procedures

    Parents who bring their children to school may use the carpool line and bus loop. Parents that are dropping off using the bus loop must give priority to the busses. After school pick up should load through the carpool line only. Our policy does not support parents parking and coming into the office to pick up a child. For safety reasons and security reasons, this procedure will be strictly enforced.

    The following is a list of rules and procedures regarding car pool. Your cooperation is needed to ensure a safe and efficient car pool system.

    1. Use one lane only (right lane). This is for the safety of students and families using the crosswalk. No parking in the carpool lane is allowed.
    2. To ensure that only authorized adults are picking up students, parents should remain in their vehicles and follow all procedures. Students must walk at all times during carpool arrival/dismissal.
    3. All vehicles in the carpool lane must display a school-issued carpool number. Anyone wishing to pick up a child without a carpool number will be required to park and to report to the office to verify authorization to pick up the child.
    4. Carpool number may be obtained at the Carpool Registration table at Meet and Greet. After the first week of school, cards may be obtained from the office.
    5. No child will be released to persons not on the locator card.
    6. If there is a change in the person picking up the child, notification must be made in writing, and the person picking up the student must display the ID card.
    7. To ensure optimum traffic flow and student safety, students and vehicles picking them up will be assigned pick-up points along the curb. Vehicles should proceed to their assigned pick-up point as soon as traffic allows. Students will not be loaded at any point other than the one assigned to them.
    8. Students must stay in their designated pick-up point until a member of the Safety Patrol or a staff member opens the door for them.
    9. If a student is not ready to load on time, vehicles will pull down the curb as far as possible and wait there so that others can load quickly.
    10. Students should not be dropped off before 8:45AM, and must be picked up by 4PM. Any student not picked up on time must be signed out in the office.
    11. Our staff will monitor children getting out of cars in the mornings, but will not open car doors.
    12. Staff on duty in the afternoons will open car doors for students to get in their cars to go home.