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    Bring Your Own Device -BYOD 

    What Devices Can Be Used in AES BYOD?
    Apex Elementary School defines “devices” as privately owned wireless and portable electronic devices that can be used for wireless Internet access, word processing, image/video capturing, sound recording, and information transmitting.

    What is the Purpose of BYOD?
    AES BYOD is available to students to support learning, enhance instruction, and provide the best possible outcome for student learning.

    Who Decides When Students Use BYOD?
    BYOD will be used for instructional purposes only. Teachers will communicate to students when BYOD is appropriate.

    Can Students Share Devices?
    Students understand they are prohibited from using any students' device other than their own.  It is clearly written in the contract that students are responsible for their own device(s).

    How Do Students Sign Up for BYOD?
    Students and parents will sign the AES BYOD contract and return to their homeroom teacher.

    What Happens if Students Misuse Their Device?
    BYOD is a privilege. There will be consequences if you are not following proper BYOD classroom procedures.

    What Happens if a Device is Lost or Stolen?
    By allowing a student to bring a device to school, the parent assumes liability for any damages or theft. School administration will investigate the issue and follow student conduct policy if needed. Students take full responsibility for their devices.  Personal technology should not be left on campus before- or after-school hours.  

    What Tech Support is provided?
    Students will be responsible for troubleshooting their own devices.

    Can BYOD Devices Charge At School?
    AES is not responsible for providing facilities to charge devices; devices are expected to be charged at home and put away after the battery loses its charge.

    My concern is the students know the network password now. Will this be changing so students will be forced to login to student log in?
    At this time the Lunenburg Wifi password will not be changed. Students will be required to sign in on their personally owned devices to the WAKE-BYOD Wifi during school hours.

    The contract mentions a Wake policy. Please provide a link to that policy so we know what we're 'signing.'
    "Wake County Public School System Student Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources according to Board Policy 6446"
    WCPSS Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) School Board Policy 6446: This policy governs the use of WCPSS electronic information resources and defines students' proper conduct and responsibilities while using WCPSS electronic information resources. The entire AUP Policy can be located on page 17-19 in WCPSS Student Parent Handbook. or click here: http://webarchive.wcpss.net/policy-files/series/policies/6446-bp.html