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    Apex Elementary is one of the original 14 schools in Wake County that have implemented the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program. The purpose is to improve overall classroom and school climate to achieve higher academic performance for all students. PBIS is a whole school process. PBIS emphasizes prevention and reinforcement strategies. It is NOT a curriculum or a specific discipline program. PBIS teaches behavior through proactive practices instead of reactions to inappropriate behaviors.

    Apex Elementary students will learn about PAWS rules for the hallway, lunchroom, restroom, playground and buses. Students also learn a rap song for PAWS and the Cougar paw sign for quiet. We have implemented the Class Compliment cards and a positive sticker system for our buses as well.

    paws awards  Click here to see our PAWS winners.

  • paws rap

    written by our Music Teacher, Mrs. Baas, N.B.C.T.

    Apex Elementary is really cool.
    We have a lot of pride.
    We are a great school.
    Our Cougar Paws keep us on track everyday.
    Here is what they mean.
    They have a lot to say.

    P is for Practice Responsibility.
    A is for Act Kind and Respectfully.
    W for Work Hard - your best everyday.
    S for Stay Safe so you can go your way.


    Got PAWS? (Oh Yeah) Got PAWS? (Uh huh)
    It does a body good!

    Got PAWS? (Oh Yeah) Got PAWS? (Uh huh)
    It does a body good!