•  Bee Lufkin Road Middle School participates in the Annual PAGE of Wake County Spelling Bee Program. This is always an exciting and fun competition!


    Here is some basic information on the Spelling Bee program. The Scripps National Spelling Bee works in tiers -- first there are school bees, then a regional bee, then nationals. Our school conducts a bee to choose a school representative to go to the regional bee (i.e., one representative per school will compete at the regional bee). Classroom bees are conducted in each Language Arts class. Each grade and track sends a representative to compete in the Lufkin Bee.
    We also name an alternate just in case the champion is unable to compete. The winner of the regional bee will then have the opportunity to go to the Scripps National Spelling Bee.


    The Lufkin Bee is usually in January and the Regional Bee is usually in March.


    The Scripps website is www.spellingbee.com. Students will find word lists and information about spelling and vocabulary words.



    Mrs. Jackie Jackson

    Mrs. Lisa Kelly-Rouse