• Lufkin Road Middle Geography Beegeobee


    The annual Lufkin Road Middle School Geography BEE will be conducted by the Social Studies teachers in their classrooms by January 11, 2016. The school-wide Geography BEE will be held in the cafeteria Tuesday, January 19, 2016, beginning at 2:40. All students who have won the competition for their grade and track will be invited to compete and parents and staff are invited to attend. The student that wins the school-wide BEE, will take a qualifying test that will be sent to and graded by the National Geographic Society. If this student qualifies, he or she will be invited to compete in the state BEE that will be held Friday,

    April 1, 2016. Currently, the location is TBD.

    In order to prepare for the Geography BEE, students may do the following: