• School Goal

    Goal:  By the end of the 2018 school year, Lufkin Road Middle School will exceed expected growth on all End of Year assessments as measured by EVAAS and all subgroups will meet their AMO targets in reading and mathematics as measured by EOG scores.

    Goal Manager
    Strategic Objective
    State Board of Education Goal
    Allyson Grice
    Wake County(920)
    Learning and Teaching
    Globally Competitive Students

    Comprehension Strategy of the Month, CURE training


    Key Process 1: Reading:

    The teachers will utilize differentiated comprehension strategies across all content areas in order to improve global literacy skills; such as vocabulary, speaking, writing and listening.

    Process Manager
    Amber Becker
    Measurable Process Check(s)

    Teachers will analyze data from common assessments and universal screening tools to monitor progress towards proficiency


    Reading:  Action Step 1

    Universal screenings will be administered to all students within the first month of school.


    Reading:  Action Step 2

    Train all staff members on the CURE method of annotation (C=circle main idea; U=underline key details; R=respond in the margin; E=examine vocabulary).


    Reading:  Action Step 3

    Each subject PLT will provide one student exemplar for the CURE method for schoolwide display each month.


    Reading:  Action Step 4

    Schoolwide DEAR program three days a week where students and teachers are expected to drop everything and read during team time.


    Key Process 2: Math:

    The teachers will deliberately plan intervention time each week in order to meet the needs of at-risk students.

    Process Manager
    Jennifer Randall
    Measurable Process Check(s)

    Math PLTs will analyze data from common assessments and universal screening tools to monitor progress towards proficiency.

    Math:  Action Step 1

    Math teachers will use unviersal screening tools to identify at-risk students

    Math:  Action Step 2

    Math teachers will use math instructional websites as a tool in the remediation process.

    Math:  Action Step 3

    Develop weekly math cumulative review activities.

    Key Process 3: Instructional Practices:

    The teachers will increase utilization of instructional practices by incorporating the use of the 4Cs; collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication in order to strengthen students' literacy skills.

    Process Manager
    Rona Atkinson and Mary Tuttle
    Measurable Process Check(s)

    The School Improvement Committee will analyze data from walkthrough and PLT minutes to determine implementation status.


    Instructional Practices:  Action Step 1

    Provide resources for teachers and implement a “Comprehension Strategy of the Month."


    Instructional Practices:  Action Step 2

    Integration of the four C’s in lesson plans.


    Key Process 4: Community:

    Lufkin Road Middle School staff will build a collaborative partnership with parents and the community in order to inform and clarify instructional practices and to identify ways to support students' success.

    Process Manager
    Shasta Turner
    Measurable Process Check(s)

    The school improvement team will analyze data from student and parent surveys to monitor progress towards effective communication of instructional practices.

    Community:  Action Step 1

    Conduct conferences with parents or parents and students to support students’ success.

    Community:  Action Step 2

    Create checklist for parents about instructional resources (PowerSchool, volunteer, CANVAS, website, newsflash, team newsletters, Twitter, etc.)

    Community:  Action Step 3

    Create checklist for students (Google Drive/Email, NCWise Owl, Nettrekker, BrainPop, DiscoveryEducation, NCEdCloud, etc.).

    Community:  Action Step 4

    Create checklist for teachers (Google Drive/Email, PowerSchool, EASi, Discovery Education, NCWiseOwl, etc.).

    Key Process 5: Behavior:

    The teachers will use the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) process to implement a school wide behavior program that promotes a positive classroom environment for teaching and learning.

    Process Manager
    Paula Greenspon and Kelly Anderson
    Measurable Process Check(s)

    Teachers will analyze data from grade level discipline and referral reports, school surveys, and input from PLT groups to monitor the progress of successful implementation. 

    Behavior:  Action Step 1

    Behavior team will lead teachers in an activity to identify Tier 1 misbehavior and intervention strategies and will show teachers how to input documentation in MTSS Explorer.

    Behavior:  Action Step 2

    Teachers will pilot the behavior program by documenting and providing interventions for Tier 1 misbehavior.  Tier 1 incidents and interventions will be documented in MTSS Explorer.