• Car Pool Policy



    Carpool ParentsEnter on Marsh Creek Drive at Main Entrance
    Continue straight and single file to the carpool area
    All carpool tags must be displayed with their official 2016-2017 WilburnCarpool Tag.
    No child will be dismissed in carpool without the officialcarpool tag displayed.
    Vehicles will load/unload 5 at a time at paws A, B, C, D, and E.
    Please pull forward and in the loading spots that are marked.
    Please do not exit the carpool line until instructed, students are beingloaded on the drivers side and this poses a safety risk.
    Please instruct your child to learn their carpool number and to look and listen for which paw to go, as well as wait to be escorted by an adult to your car.
    If your student is not at their designated paw you will be asked to driveforward beyond the loading area and your child will be escorted to you.

    Morning and Afternoon:

    Morning students are not allowed to enter the building before 8:45am.
    Afternoon Carpool students will be dismissed at 3:45pm