•  Art Board  Art Boards are on the K playground to encourage creative play.

    What is "Creative Arts and Science"?

    Douglas Elementary is a Creative Arts and Science Magnet School. This means that the arts and sciences are woven into the fabric of instruction here at Douglas. But unlike many other magnet schools, Douglas does not accomplish this through electives. At Douglas, we believe that all children are smart in many different ways and should be exposed to a variety of integrated activities and ways of learning. So instead of electives, the talented Douglas staff weaves together the arts, science and other state-mandated curriculum to create unique, interdisciplinary learning experiences for all of our students. In addition to integration in their regular classroom, our students also receive weekly instruction in creative movement, drama, visual arts, music, science and PE provided by instructors certified in these areas. These specialists and the classroom teachers regularly plan together to integrate the arts and science curricula with the skills and concepts being taught in each classroom. This creates a rich, connected learning environment for our students. You can see, hear and feel the difference. Students are actively engaged, teachers are enjoying teaching, and there’s a hum throughout the building.

    Douglas is part of the A+ Schools Program at the North Carolina Arts Council. As an A+ School, we integrate the arts into all subjects, and students are exposed to all of the art forms (drama, dance, music, visual arts and creative writing).

    The A+ Schools Program is a whole-school reform model that views the arts as fundamental to teaching and learning in all subjects. A+ Schools combine interdisciplinary teaching and daily arts instruction, offering children opportunities to develop creative, innovative ways of thinking, learning and showing what they know. In A+ Schools, teaching the state’s mandated curriculum involves a collaborative, many-disciplined approach, with the arts continuously woven into every aspect of a child’s learning.

    For more information, visit: http://aplus-schools.ncdcr.gov.


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