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  • Welcome to Douglas Creative Arts and Science Magnet Elementary School. We:

    • collaborate among teachers, students and parents.
    • build positive relationships.
    • create an invigorating environment.
    • encourage unique talents and differences.
    • differentiate learning through the multiple intelligences.
    • implement hands-on learning.
    • foster creative environments.



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    Community Service Invested - Douglas

    All grade levels at Douglas ES are committed to selecting a community service project for the students at each grade level.  Projects selected give students the opportunity to discuss the impact of their project on the community and see how their work can create a positive impact on the world around them. 

    Here are the projects for the 2017-2018 school year:

    K - K students and teachers talked about wants and needs which led to a discussion about how not everyone has what they need. The students decided that they wanted to help out by donating creating placemats for the Raleigh Rescue Mission to use on Thanksgiving Day. The students wanted to make people feel loved...the greatest need. 

    1st grade - 

    2nd grade - Each class will clean the school campus grounds. Here is the schedule: 

    • January- Mize
    • February- Otto
    • March- Setser
      April- Boylan
    • May- Rhone
    • June- Gurkin

    3rd grade - Students, in connection with their curriculum, came up with various community service projects which they voted on in the end. It has been decided that students will create art projects to be shared with hospice patients to make them smile or let them know that others are thinking of them. Art projects will be focused on themes from our Positivity Project and will be completed in March and April.  

    4th - 

    5th - Students, alongside a Penny War, researched and wrote a persuasive essay for the charity they supported. This essay was to persuade their classmates to vote for their charity. (This is where the Penny War money will be donated.)Penny Wars is a competition in which the students try to raise money for a charitable cause. To make it competitive and raise more money, the team with the most “points” will get a prize or celebration of the team’s choosing. The students want to earn points in their jug, but take away points (using silver change)in the jugs of the other team. 

    Essays are currently being revised/edited and will be presented to classmates by the end of January, at which time we will vote and post here the winning charity and how much money was raised in the Penny Wars to donate to the charity.  Stay tuned.


    *Field Trip Fun! 

    K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th



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