What are the Multiple Intelligences?

  • Multiple Intelligences

    At Douglas, it’s not “How smart are you?”..it’s “How are you smart?”  We understand we are smart in many ways... The "multiple intelligence" ways!

    Based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, teaching, learning and assessing at Douglas are designed to address all the different ways that we are smart. Gardner’s theory has particularly strong ramifications in the classroom. If we can identify children's different strengths among these intelligences, we can accommodate different children more successfully according to their orientation to learning. 

    Teachers at Douglas ES work on assimilating this knowledge into their strategies for helping children learn. Students are more engaged when they can feel successful. You can see it, hear it and feel it in the classroom and in the building as students use all of their smarts as they learn.

    How are you smart? In which of these eight way do prefer to learn:

    Visual-Spatial/Art Smart - learning visually and organizing ideas spatially. The ability to "see" things in one's mind.

    Verbal-Linguistic/Word Smart - learning through the spoken and written word.

    Logical-Mathematical/Math Smart - learning through reasoning and problem solving.

    Bodily-Kinesthetic/Body Smart - learning through interaction with one's environment and concrete experience.

    Musical-Rhythmic/Music Smart - learning through patterns, rhythms and music.

    Intrapersonal/Self Smart - learning through feelings, values and attitudes.

    Interpersonal/People Smart - learning through interaction, collaboration and working cooperatively with others.

    Naturalist/Nature Smart - learning through classification, categories and hierarchies.