Health Room News & Information

    • If your child requires medication including over-the-counter medications that cannot be scheduled to be given outside of school hours, you can arrange to have them given at school. This includes Tylenol, cough syrup or drops, Benadryl, Calamine, topical ointments or lotions for rashes or poison ivy. Before the medicine can be given a "Parent Request and Physician Order for Medication" (Wake County Public School System form 1702) must be on file in the health room. This form must be signed by the parent and a physician (even for over-the-counter medications). Prescription medications must be in the container dispensed by the pharmacy and be clearly marked with your child's name, name of the medication, date of prescription, and directions for administering. Medications cannot be brought to school by your child and must be placed in the hands of an adult staff member by the parent. If you need further information, contact the school office at 919 387 2150.

    • Additional WCPSS medication information WCPSS Form 1702

    • Don't Forget!!! Your child should remain at home until fever-free (below 100.6 - WCPSS defines fever as 100.6 or higher) for 24 hours. This also applies to vomit and diarrhea. We do care for your child's health and hope he/she gets better soon!