• Dress Code Policy


    HGMS adheres to the school dress code for Wake County to help students better focus on their education.

    If a student’s clothing is inappropriate, staff may have the student change into clothing provided by the school, or parents may be called to bring an appropriate alternative.  Consequences may be given for each offense.

    Students who repeatedly violate the dress code will receive an increased penalty for each act of non-compliance and may include school suspension. The following are examples of inappropriate attire (the list is not conclusive):

    • Garments that are see-through, expose underwear, bras, or show cleavage
    • Sagging pants (low riders)
    • Pajamas or boxer shorts as outerwear
    • Oversized clothing; too long or too large, including belts
    • Excessively slit, tight, or short garments (Use the following as a guide in determining if the garment is too short:  the length of the garment (skirt, shorts, etc.) must extend to at least the tip of the student’s middle/longest finger when the student’s arm is at their side).
    • Tank tops with large underarm openings
    • Clothing that permits the stomach, back, or upper or lower buttocks area to be exposed when standing,
    • bending, sitting, kneeling, or stretching or shirts/halters with bare midriffs, “spaghetti” or no straps
    • Garments with messages or illustrations that are written across the buttocks area, or are lewd, indecent, vulgar, or advertise any product not permitted by law to minors
    • Clothes or items with language/symbols associated with gangs, intimidation, violence, or violent groups
    • Clothing or items worn in a manner not intended by design, manufacture, or original purpose.
    • Any adornment such as chains, spikes, dog collars, hanging from neck, belt loops, pockets or clothing or items that tend to distract students from their academic responsibilities or that could be perceived as a weapon.
    • Head coverings of any kind, such as hats, do-rags, bandanas, headbands, or sunglasses
    • Bedroom shoes or slippers, shoes with wheels, or footwear that creates safety issues


    The Administration of Holly Grove Middle School adds the following:

    • Tank tops and tops/shirts with spaghetti straps are prohibited.
    • Beads, long strings, or any other items worn around the neck.
    • When a student persists in wearing any prohibited item, the item will be confiscated and returned only to a parent or guardian.

    **Holly Grove Middle School Administration reserves the right to add to this list as fashion trends change and/or a student’s attire becomes a distraction to the educational process. All parents and students will be notified of any changes.