Battle of the Books

  • The Battle of the Books team is a group of up to 12 students who read a list of books and compete in a quiz bowl style of competition.  This is a great activity for students who are competitive and love to read.

    • We meet every Friday during Smart Block to discuss books and run questions. 
    • Our next test is on the titles and authors of all 27 books, on Wed. Oct. 17th during Smart Block. 


    What can you do now? Start reading the books and come to Smart Block discussions.

    As you read try to focus on: 

    1.  archaic and unique words or phrases from the novel.  Write them on a post-it-note and bring to our meetings. 

    2.   significant events, character development, major themes, unique settings in time or place.




    Don't forget to use Quizlet to study for the titles and authors test.