Battle of the Books

  • The Battle of the Books team is a group of up to 12 students who read a list of books and compete in a quiz bowl style of competition.  This is a great activity for students who are competitive and love to read.

    1st Meeting is Wed. Sept. 6th 2017 at 7:00 am in the Media Center!  All are welcome to attend!


    What can you do now? Start reading the books and writing questions.

    Submitting Questions:

    1. Begin each question with "In what book...".

    2. Make the question as simple as possible, using archaic and unique words only
    when they are integral to the text.

    3. Try to cover significant events, character development, major themes, unique
    settings in time or place.

    4. Please proofread your work.

    5. Type questions and cite the page where the answer is found.

    6. Use Quizlet to study for the titles and authors test.