• Welcome to WFMS Counseling & Student Services


    Mission Statement
    Counseling and Student Services advocates for and supports learning and social/emotional health for all students.

    Vision Statement
    Students will maximize their potential by becoming responsible, productive and emotionally healthy citizens.

    Counseling and Student Services encompasses the program areas of school counseling, school psychology, school social work, Student Support Team coordination, and Section 504 coordination and compliance. Some of the services that each area provides are:


    • School Counselors -- School counselors provide a comprehensive school counseling program that improves student achievement and enhances the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. The comprehensive school counseling program is delivered through classroom lessons, individual student planning sessions, and individual and group counseling.  School counselors collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators and other school staff to promote student success.  School counselors also provide leadership and advocacy to promote equity and access to opportunities and rigorous educational experiences for all students.


    • School Social Workers -- Social workers are trained and licensed professionals that provide a link between the home, school and community through support services that positively impact the development of the whole child.  School Social Workers can provide support by helping parents understand their child’s developmental and educational needs; providing access to school and community resources; helping navigate special education services; obtaining mental health services; and providing services for homeless families.  School Social Workers are in all elementary and middle schools, alternative settings and some high schools.


    • School Psychologists -- School psychologists are specially trained and licensed to work with students, families, and educators by meeting both educational and mental health needs in schools.  They assist teachers, parents, and students in understanding, preventing, and addressing learning, behavioral, developmental, and social-emotional difficulties.  School psychologists have specialized training in crisis response, individual and group counseling, instructional consultation, assessment of educational needs, and the application of data-based decision making.  Most school psychologists serve two schools.


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