• About Home Base

     Click This Link for 2021-2022 School Year Parent Access Information for MPMS only.

    Home Base is a statewide student information system that started  in the 2013-14 school year. Home Base gives parents and students access to real-time information including attendance, grades and assignments. With Home Base, powered by PowerSchool application, everyone stays connected: Students stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate in their child's progress, and teachers can instantly share information from their gradebook with parents and students. Families with multiple students can also set up their accounts to view all of their students at one time, with one login.

    How Do Students Get Started?

    All middle and high school students have access to Home Base. Secondary students (grades 6-12), must claim their account through the NCEdCloud to access PowerSchool and any other HomeBase application  (get NCEdCloud instructions).
    Elementary students will receive information regarding their accounts from their teachers. This will begin once the elementary level begins using HomeBase applications.
    Hints when claiming your account:
    • Make sure you are entering the birthday in the correct format. (YYYYMMDD). For example, if the birthday is August 16, 2001, enter 20010816
    • Only answer five (5) of the security question options.
    • Chrome is the preferred browser for NCEdCloud. If denied access to NCEdCloud, take the following steps:
    1. Close all open browsers.
    2. Open a new session of Chrome.
    3. Click CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE (shortcut to clear a browser's history/cache).
    4. Close Chrome.
    5. Open a new session of Chrome.
    6. Enter URL: my.ncedcloud.org
    7. Log in.

    How do parents get started?

    Step 1. Complete the access request forms.
    Hand deliver the completed access request form to the school. Notarized forms can be mailed to your child’s school. Download the notary public form or the photo ID form. Check with your school to make sure a notarized form is being accepted.


    Step 2. Wait for your access letter and instructions.
    Once your child's school has verified your forms, they will provide you with a welcome letter with a link to a Quick Guide Elementary School (English) / Elementary School (Español) | Secondary School (English) / Secondary School (Español).  

    Step 3. Create a Parent Portal account.
    Use the information you received in your letter to create your Parent Portal account. For help creating an account, download directions (links below). When you are ready, you can create an account here:wcpss.powerschool.com/public.

     Step 4. Link your students to your account.
    Once you’ve created your Parent Portal account, use the access ID and password provided on the letter from the school to view your child’s data. Does your access ID and password still not work? Make sure you’ve created your Parent Portal account first. Still having issues? Download and read the directions.
     Step 5. Need Help? Please review the FAQs below prior to contacting the school for assistance. Questions regarding grades can be e-mailed to your child’s teacher.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What if I can’t remember my username and password?

    A: Click 'Having trouble signing in' on the login page. You will be asked to enter your username to reset your password. You will need to enter your e-mail address if you have forgotten both your username and your password. Information will be sent to your e-mail address.

    Q: What is the web page for the parent portal?
    Go to https://wcpss.powerschool.com/public/

    Q: Where does my child log in for the student portal?
    A:The student portal for grades 6-12 may be found at: http://my.ncedcloud.org


    Q: How do I add my student to my Parent Portal Account?
    Please download the Parent Portal User Guide. 

    Q: Will my child still have access if I do not create an account?
    Students will be provided information to access their data even if parents do not request access.

    Q: When will elementary schools provide access to the Parent Portal?
    Parents will have access to the Parent Portal beginning Spring 2016.  Access to grades will be available at a later date.

    Q: Why can't I access my SPAN account?
    SPAN was linked to our old student information system (NCWISE). In July 2014, the state of North Carolina moved to a new student information system called PowerSchool. The Parent Portal for PowerSchool will be delivered through Home Base. Access codes will be provided to you by the school.

    Q: How will I get my class schedule?
    Your school will provide class schedules and other details related to the opening of school.

    Q: Why can’t I locate my school on the iPad or iPhone application?
    If you cannot locate your school, enter the following server information in the server settings: wcpss.powerschool.com or enter the zip code for the district office - 27518.


    Security and Privacy

    In order to maintain full compliance with the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), all Home Base users are required to access Home Base using their own account. Student data is not accessible by anyone who does not have the authority to do so. Students have access to their own data, and any parent or legal guardian may also request access. If there is a situation where a parent or legal guardian should not receive access to student data, please notify the school immediately.

Home Base Help?

Questions about your Home Base account?  Email mpmstech@wcpss.net for help.