• Specials Rotation Schedules 19-20

    To determine which special your child will be following you will need to:

    1. Find the teacher's name and determine which block they follow (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, or 4B)

    2. Locate that block on the right with the corresponding track in dates, then locate the schedule that they follow at the top of the column. (For example: 1A follows schedule 1 from 7/9-9/7. 1A then follows schedule 5 from 10/1-12/5.)

    3. Once you determine which schedule your child will follow, you will see each special they have during that track in for days A-F. (For example: Schedule 1 will have PE on Day A, Music on Day B, CE on Day C, Art on Day D, Computer on Day E, STEM on Day F)


    Due to having 6 classes per grade level tracked in at the same time, we have a 6 day rotation in order to provide specials to all of our classes each day. 

    You can use the Specials Day Rotation calendar to identify which "day" it is (A-F). 


    Specials Rotation 19-20



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