• kinder  

    Track 1


                              Teacher: Catherine Linkous         Instructional Assistant: Kristen McKenna


    Track 2


                            Teacher: Megan McBride         Instructional Assistant: Porscha Carter


    Track 3


                           Teacher: Nicola Ferraro          Instructional Assistant: Carol Waller


    Track 4


                           Teacher: Wendy (Carrie) Latham    Instructional Assistant: Patricia Stokes


    Track 4


                              Teacher: Savanna Zinkow      Instructional Assistant: Anusha Iyengar


    Track 4-  CCKindergarten


    Teacher: Amanda Veedock    Instructional Assistants: Tammie Cunnien and Swapna Velidande


    Track 4-  CCPre-Kindergarten


    Teacher: Mary (Cricket) Lane    Instructional Assistants: Lucia Ryder and Sandra Nielson 


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