• Students arrive to and are picked up from Longview School by way of WCPSS bus, WCPSS contracted transportation vendor (cab), or personal vehicle. Decisions regarding transportation as a related service are decided by the student's IEP Team at Longview.   
    Students are expected to comply with the rules set forth by the cab or bus driver.  Any student who does not comply may be suspended from transportation for one or more days.  When a student is suspended from transportation, they may come to school, but will have to arrange their own transportation both to and from school.  The following behaviors may result in a student being suspended from transportation:

    • Disrespectful interactions with the driver and/or obscene language
    • Opening windows or doors and throwing objects out
    • Out of seat or refusal to sit in assigned seat; not using seat belt
    • Opening doors while the cab/bus is in motion
    • Fighting and/or arguing with other students
    • Inappropriate gestures at other motorists and/or pedestrians 
    It is the policy of the cab company to stop sending transportation when a student misses three consecutive days without prior notification.  If your child has been absent for 3 or more days, you must contact the cab company to resume pick-up.