Jackie Carrelha
    Want to join our Celebration Book Club?  

    Celebrate a Milestone with the GHE Media Center

    The Celebration Book Club is a unique way to honor your child or a loved one AND help provide popular and needed books to our school library!

    When you join the Celebration Book Club, your child (on or near their birthday) will be able to select a new book to add to our library collection.  

    Their book selection will have a special nameplate with your child’s name and birthday placed inside the front cover.  Your child will then be the first person to check out their new book! 

    Celebration Book Club students are invited to attend a “Cookies and Milk” celebration and have their photos on the walls outside the library.

    Students who donate a book can come on the morning news to share why they picked their book!
    http://ghepta.org/ (you must login to your account to sign up and make your donation)
    Public Library Card Drive at Wake County Public Libraries
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