The board of education believes that homework is an important part of the educational program for students in the Wake County Public School System and should be assigned on a regular basis. Homework assignments should be purposeful continuations or extensions of the instructional program and appropriate to the student's developmental level. Homework should help students become responsible, self-directed learners, improve their academic achievement, and provide reinforcement opportunities.
    1. Since each student spends a major part of each weekday in class and since there are other valuable experiences to be gained outside school,
    homework shall be planned carefully and evaluated periodically regarding its appropriateness.
    2. It is assumed by the board of education that homework will be done by students outside of school hours. The amount of such work required
    of students shall increase as grade levels increase and shall be commensurate with abilities and course content.
    3. The staff of each school shall develop a homework plan to assure that this policy is fully and properly implemented. Each school’s plan shall be submitted for approval to a member of the administrative staff designated by the superintendent. Once approved, the staff of each school shall be responsible for informing students and parents of the homework plan. Additionally, it shall be the responsibility of each teacher to understand the homework plan and participate in it.