Weekly Message for 9-11-22

Posted by Andrew Livengood on 9/11/2022

Hello Pine Hollow Middle School community. This is your principal, Andrew Livengood, with the weekly message for September 11.

  • This Week: This week is a five-day week for students on Track 3 & 4. Track 1 is tracked-out and returns on Monday, Oct. 3.
  • Buses: We continue to have some delays with bus routes and some routes without a driver due to the shortage. When there is a delay or a route does not run, that information is posted here: https://www.wcpss.net/Page/22038. Parents are encouraged to download the Here Comes the Bus app if your student rides the bus to/from school. Click this link for more info: https://www.wcpss.net/Page/35380
  • From Our Athletic Director, Mr. Adams:
    • Due to lower than expected turnout for Cheer Tryouts, we are extending tryouts for one day, Monday Sept 12 in the auditorium.
    • The new sports website platform is having some early glitches and hopefully those will diminish soon. 
    • Sports passes will go on sale this week.  Details will be on the website.  
    • Parent meetings for the Soccer and Volleyball teams will be on Wednesday of this week immediately following practice. Volleyball will meet in the gym and soccer will meet in the cafeteria.  Please enter from the back of the school.
    • Parent meeting for Football will be held on Thursday immediately following the weigh-ins after practice.  We will meet in the gym. Please enter from the back of the school.  
  • Crowded Carpool and Student Safety: With track 1 now tracked out, carpool should be a little less congested. Please continue to be patient and pull all the way up before stopping to let your student in/out of your vehicle. Please do NOT tell your student to meet you somewhere else in order to avoid having to wait in carpool. Only students who live in the walk zone and have been issued a “walker pass” are allowed to walk off campus in the afternoon. Thank you for helping us keep all students safe.
  • Social Media Presentation for Parents: Our counselors will be doing a couple of presentations for parents regarding the latest social media trends and how to keep students safe. The first session is this Thursday at 6PM in the auditorium. A general meeting of the PTSA will immediately follow to approve this year’s budget. The counselors will do this presentation again on Oct. 27 at 6PM. All parents are invited. See the flier in the weekly message.
  • Teacher Recognition Program:  Is there a teacher or staff member you would like to celebrate for doing a terrific job? Has someone been consistently outstanding or maybe gone above-and-beyond recently for your student/family? If so, I encourage you to nominate that person for our Top Gun Staff Member of the Month award. There aren’t any firm rules or requirements to nominate someone for recognition. The point of this is to recognize a teacher or two each month who was nominated by a student or parent. The teacher(s) would be recognized in front of their peers at the next staff meeting. In order to nominate someone, just fill out this form and make sure to clearly explain why you think they are deserving of this recognition.
  • From the PTSA:
  • Have a great week and remember, at Pine Hollow Middle School the sky is the limit!!