Change to Lunch Procedures:

Posted by Andrew Livengood on 4/21/2021

Good afternoon Pine Hollow Middle School Community, This is your principal, Andrew Livengood, with a special message for our Plan A families.


Earlier today we had our six-month fire inspection and learned we cannot have cafeteria tables in the hallway. Previously we had students sitting every other seat and we needed tables in the hallway in order to do that. Now that we can no longer have tables in the hallway and everyone will be eating in the cafeteria, students will be sitting closer together than they were previously.


Please have a conversation with your student tonight regarding the importance of always wearing a mask when talking. We do not have a "silent lunch" but we do expect students to not talk if their mask is off. We are most likely to spread the virus when talking without our mask, and now that students are going to be eating in closer proximity to one another, it is even more important that they wear a mask when talking.


I will address this during the morning announcements tomorrow and again with each lunch period, but your help in driving this message home is very important. Thank you for your help in keeping all our students safe.